About Us

Worcester County Insights is an interactive website with local data designed to give a comprehensive portrait of our community, sponsored by Greater Worcester Community Foundation in partnership with the Worcester Regional Research Bureau and developed by the Center for Governmental Research. Worcester County Insights is aimed at helping community members and leaders better understand the data. By examining local and regional needs, Worcester County Insights brings awareness to potential disparities across geography, race, age, gender, economics, and more. Objective data tools, like this dashboard, can help us to coordinate responses, directing funds and resources for greater impact and developing solutions tailored to Worcester County.

While this website is a partnership between the three organizations listed below, many were involved in the effort. We are grateful to the members of the data committee formed to select the 60 indicators you see on this site, which included staff and board members from Greater Worcester Community Foundation and Worcester Regional Research Bureau as well as others who brought their expertise working with data and on community issues to this project.

About Greater Worcester Community Foundation

Greater Worcester Community Foundation is central Massachusetts’ leading community foundation, employing its expertise and resources to address the region’s most urgent needs.

We are passionate about our region. The Greater Worcester Community Foundation serves the needs of residents across the 60 towns and cities that make up Worcester County. Founded in 1975, we provide support and resources to improve the lives of the more than 860,000 people who call this area home. To learn more, visit https://greaterworcester.org/

About the Worcester Regional Research Bureau

The Worcester Regional Research Bureau serves the public interest of Greater Worcester by conducting independent, non-partisan research and analysis of public policy issues to promote informed public debate and decision-making. For nearly 40 years, The Research Bureau has worked to protect the public interest in Greater Worcester by identifying issues, investigating impacts, and educating the public and government officials of opportunities and best practices. To learn more, visit https://www.wrrb.org/

About Center for Governmental Research (CGR)

CGR (Center for Governmental Research) is a nonprofit research and consulting organization with a mission to support positive community change that has created community indicator projects for more than a dozen communities across the United States. CGR provides rigorous analysis, actionable insights and quality community engagement and collaboration for clients ranging from local governments to public safety organizations to collective impact initiatives and community-based nonprofits. To learn more, visit https://www.cgr.org/

Please Note: The content on this site was written by our development partner, Center for Governmental Research. We have included links to provide further information on specific topics, including local research where possible. All opinions and thoughts presented in these resources are those of the author(s) and do not constitute the opinions of the Foundation or the Bureau.  If you know of additional resources or publications that would be helpful to share as part of this effort, please email us at communications@greaterworcester.org.